Customer Reviews


 Hi Jessie, when i saw your 12 layer board when i got it, i was so so happy and amazed, i was shocked to see such high quality.

you know, the moment i opened your box, i told myself i will never order from anyone else again


i want you to know something.. when i opened the box, i was too happy... i had a big smile on my face... the quality of the build that you did is absolutely excellent you should be proud for this level of quality and this level of service.... your prices are amazing too, I must tell all my colleagues and friends about you and your service, they need to know this


--From USA



Hello Jessie,


Very well! Perfect services from you as always!


Best regards Artin 

---From Sweden



We finish the test, the board work as it aspected.
Good work


As cofounder and CTO of Innerscene, I just wanted to personally thank you and your team for quoting an expedited delivery.

In doing this, you have helped us out of a difficult situation. A great customer service that I particularly value.

---From Canada


Thank you for the tracking details.

FYI - shipment of 2690 and 2686 all received yesterday in good order.  Thank you –From Australia


We have received the boards   Cassie.  They look beautiful.  We will test them out tomorrow.  We pray that they work.   Thank you for everything. 

–From Canada


I was very satisfied with the products you supplied me before and above all with the splendid support you gave

-From Netherland


Dear Jessie,  We tested your boards, everything is OK. Appreciate your effort to make our order. We'll try to order much more from next.

--From South Korea



Hello Emma,I have received the prototypes yesterday and tested them right away.  They work very well and look to be of very good quality. I am planning to do the bigger batch order.

Yes Cassie, thank you for the samples, they were quite good quality! 

--From USA