With the rapid increase of the aging population year by year, people's emphasis on health is also increasing.
In recent years, resin plug holes have become very popular in the PCB industry and have a wide range of applications. Especially some products with high layers and thick boards have a higher use rate of resin plug holes. So what is a resin plug hole? What are the benefits?
The first piece of PCBA processing is produced because the previous technology and equipment are not as mature as they are now.
PCB boards always encounter various problems in the process of design and production, such as short circuit of the PCB board, dark and granular contacts on the PCB board, and board bending. So why are these undesirable causes?
Most of the common PCBs are green. Why is this?
The popularity of automotive electronics will promote the increase in automotive PCB production. In recent years, the electrification and electronization of automobiles have become obvious, and PCBs are almost everywhere in automobile electronic systems.